"Moć je geometrija spojena sa umetničkim nemirom", Euripid  
3D Motion Capture and Analysis for Computer Animations


Dr. Vladimir Zlokolica, Prof. Ratko Obradovic, Dr. Milan Gnjatovic, Jovan Mijatov


Current advanced 3D motion capture systems provide accurate and reliable motion data for 3D model tracking and its application to computer animations. This is considered as an important step in advanced computer animation framework that enables efficient application of realistic motion to 3D graphical model.


In this workshop we will analyze one of the current state of the art technologies for motion tracking - VICON system. This system belongs to marker-based passive optical motion capture system methodologies, which includes optical markers and multiple IR cameras (with IR projectors), positioned in specially designed environment (see Fig. 1). The workshop will provide brief theoretical introduction to motion capture methodologies with special focus on optical VICON motion capture system and its practical usage. Practical part of the workshop will include motion capture system set-up, system calibration (camera calibration and subject calibration), motion capturing, motion data post processing (filtering) and motion data application to rigged 3D graphical model of the target subject (3D model). The target subject for motion data application will be humanoid 3D character, which will be matched to motion tracking source subject (person whose movements are tracked in time – Fig. 2 and Fig. 3). Within the practical work, three different SW will be used: i) VICON Nexus for motion capturing, ii) Autodesk MotionBuilder for applying motion data to 3D character and iii) Autodesk 3Ds Max for final computer animations in specific background 3D scene.


Understand and learn basic principles and steps in motion capturing: system setup, camera system calibration, subject preparation, motion data post processing. Participants will also learn how to optimally adapt the motion data to apply to 3D model for computer animation.


Nothing obligatory but laptop with installed with Maya or 3D max would suitable for testing motion captured data and applying it to animations.


Maximum number of participants: